KBC Covenantal Charter

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kotel Business Community (KBC) is to advance, individually and collectively, personal vitality and business growth through the study and application of ethics as the driver of strategic competitive advantage.  The people of KBC “make ethics a competitive advantage.”

Definition of Covenant

“A covenant is a voluntary agreement among independent but equal agents to create a ‘shared community.’ The primary purpose of the agreement is to consciously provide a stable social location for the interpretation of life’s meanings in order to help foster human growth, development, and the satisfaction of legitimate human needs.” *

Governing principles

  1. Integrity and accountability
    • Each member promises to accept covenantal responsibility for ensuring that the Kotel Business Community delivers on its promise.
    • Each member promises to notify the advisory council if they are not experiencing more freedom, meaning and growth as an active member of the community.
    • Each member commits to provide specific feedback and allow sufficient time for response as an expression of loyalty to the ideals of the community.
  2. Continuous growth and improvement
    • KBC is founded on the ethics of loyalty and service.  As in any family structure, it is natural for members to serve each other for its own sake, without expecting anything in return. This is how a covenantal-based group strengthens itself organically.
    • Each member offers a reasonable amount of time to support and help one another according to his or her subject-matter-expertise.
    • Each member assumes the obligation to improve his or her own ethical character in business enterprises and interpersonal relations.

Operations and officers

The functioning of the community will be overseen by an advisory council.  The council will initially comprise up to 7 founding members serving a two-year term.  Every two years, the council will accept nominations for new members, and will recommend up to three new members for approval by the general membership.

The advisory council will assume responsibility for programming, technical support, member support, and outreach.


New applicants for membership will complete a short application form and will participate in an interview to determine whether they appear invested in the governing principles of the community.

Initial membership will be free.  Over time, the advisory council will evaluate whether growth and operations expenses require an annual membership fee.

Any member who violates the governing principles in letter or spirit will receive a warning.  Repeated violations may result in revocation of membership at the discretion of the council.

Activities, duties, and responsibilities

  •  The council promises to conduct events and provide resources from which members can:
    • learn about and exchange ideas concerning the application of ethics in business
    • network, collaborate and develop new business and celebrate
    • present the value proposition of the member’s business to the community
    • share success stories that pertain to the application of ethics
    • present business challenges to the community for coaching
  • These events and resources may include:
    • Monthly meetings, calls, and/or webinars
    • An ethics blog including articles, videos, and interviews
    • A Facebook discussion group/ Q and A forum
    • A weekly or monthly newsletter
    • Mastermind groups

End of Charter

* Pava, Moses. Leading With Meaning . St. Martin’s Press. Kindle Edition.