Kotel Group Consulting Services

Kotel Group LLC is an ethics-based consulting firm that specializes in solving chronic problems that resist conventional interventions and methodologies. The origin of such deeply rooted problems are common misconceptions about the paradoxical nature of the human condition. Our intellectual property rehabilitates business and/or personal growth by demystifying the human dynamics that underlie lackluster performance.bouncy castle

Solving chronic business problems

  • Selling
    • Sales as a service
    • Managing salespeople
    • The Challenger Sale
  • Leading and supervising
    • The Change Agent
    • Employee empowerment
    • Ethics in decision making
  • Improving business processes
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Gamification
  • Cultivating accountability
    • Performatives: the language of action
    • The Oz Principle
    • The Three Laws of Performance
  • Cultivating business ethics
    • The covenantal corporation
    • Ethics as a competitive advantage
    • The Corporate Ethics Keynote

Solving chronic personal problems

  • Preventing panic attacks
  • Mitigating anxiety and stress
  • Resolving matters of faith
  • Rehabilitating a dysfunctional relationship
  • Dealing with a difficult decision or ordeal