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The promise of the Kotel Business Community is for each member to experience more freedom, meaning and growth in their business and/or personal life as a result of learning how to Make Ethics Your Competitive Advantage®.

The ethical principles that underlie the behavior of any individual is always derived from the sources of wisdom in which that person places their faith. People place their faith, to varying degrees, in a combination of science, religion, philosophy, and in their own ability to observe the human condition. Even though it is quite evident that the human condition suffers from a lack of ethical discipline, many societies still do not mandate ethics as a required field of study.

Historically, businesses have relegated ethics to the corporate legal department in order to avoid suffering financially from ethical transgressions by employees who, knowingly or inadvertently, violate business laws. However, a new trend appears to be emerging in the marketplace where corporations are realizing an obligation to help their employees become more human, which is ultimately a matter of ethics.

The Kotel Business Community recognizes this new trend and is dedicated to making ethics a competitive advantage, by incorporating the discipline of ethics as a business strategy for developing the most meaningful and service oriented best-known-methods that maximize customer satisfaction.