“Daily life is filled with complicated choices. Insert the need to make business decisions for the greater good is even more challenging. Listening to the “tapping on your shoulder” takes practice. Think of Kotel Business Group as that tapping holding you accountable for the “right” decision. Plug into the Kotel™️ Business Community and you will enjoy a depth of relationships with great people putting the world first.”


Brian D. Raybold, Founder & Principal, FRONTLINE SERVICES GROUP

“Without ethics we lose our reason for being here. In The Change Agent program offered by the Kotel™️ Business Community, I realize deeper reasons for what I do and why most people do things. Once we start to think about things in depth we can realize why we need to be more moral and ethical. Ethics is the next frontier!”


Hadley C. Margolis, SHRM Certified Human Resources Professional, THE BEST PAYROLL

“While my initial involvement with the Kotel™️ Business Community (KBC) was for networking reasons, I soon discovered the founders had built much more than another business networking group. Through the Kotel Change Agent program, I learned about the human condition, a better understanding of myself, and a way of incorporating ethics into business and society. KBC is the real deal, with no ulterior agenda but to share knowledge with others so they can in turn do the same.”



“While networking (in trying to grow my coaching business), I met someone who was a member of the Kotel Business Community who, in turn, introduced me to Richard Messing. I became immediately intrigued by Richard’s passion regarding his ethics-based application to business. Not only is it a key differentiator but something that the world needs, now more than ever.
As he took me through The Change Agent program, it became very clear that Richard has spent a great deal of time researching and thinking about concepts that cut to the core of living life in a meaningful, productive, and ethical manner. Some of what he taught me, such as “to change behavior, you must change your beliefs,” I have used in my coaching practice. These concepts resonate not just with me but with my clients as well.”


Peter Accettura, ACCETTURA Consulting

“From the moment I was introduced to the Kotel Business Community, it changed my life. Connecting with Richard Messing and KBC gave me a unique perspective and deeper understanding about ethics and how it can be used to transform people, culture and the way business is done. The more I learned, the more it inspired my writing. Six months later after connecting to the KBC community, my book “In Every Belief is a Lie” was published.  I am so grateful to this community and the wisdom it brought me.”


Lisa Schermerhorn, PEAK PERFORMANCE Mindset Coaching