KBC Programs

Grappling with the Gray
weekly seminar
Wednesday, 4-5p EST

Simply stated, a business culture driven by profits at the expense of values is destined to fail. Research shows that companies ranked highest for ethics grow faster than companies that aren’t. Work environments are more pleasant. Employees are more satisfied, engaged, loyal, passionate, and productive. Turnover costs are less. Brand image shines. Cultivating a culture of ethics is the time-tested formula for spectacular success.

A culture of ethics emerges naturally from an ethical mindset. And an ethical mindset is acquired by contemplating ethical dilemmas that defy easy answers. Ultimately, the problem is the solution: by grappling with theoretical problems we train our minds so we are prepared for the real ethical challenges that will inevitably rise up to meet us.

Each week we will confront a different thought question or case study. Through group discussion and discourse, we will develop the ethical mindset that enables us to see the bigger picture, engage in civil debate, and work effectively toward consensus. Raising our ethical awareness ultimately produces a culture where compliance laws take care of themselves and a workforce that feels empowered, appreciated, and invested in a common vision that accelerates success.

Conversations-4-Collaboration™️ (C4C)
monthly meetings
June 4th, 1:00-2:00p EST
August 10th, 12:30-1:30p EDT
Sept 14th, 12:30-1:30p EDT
Nov 9th, 1:00-2:00p EDT

The Kotel Business Community (KBC) is a community for collaboration, not a referral network.  KBC members are welcome to refer clients to their fellow members, which is a natural and common form of adding value, however, collaboration is a categorically more powerful method for delivering services.  Collaboration is a form of teaming or partnering where members join forces and resources to solve a client problem based on unique skill sets, which are informed by a common set of KBC ethics and change agent methodology.  The purpose of C4C monthly meetings is to learn about the unique capabilities and serves that are offered by fellow KBC members, to develop collaborative go-to-market plans and strategies, and to continuously improve KBC.  Participation in The Change Agent 101 course is a prerequisite.

Conversations-4-Collaboration Triad

Based on tribal leadership research by Dave Logan, Ph.D., USC professor of business, a KBC leader schedules and hosts a 3-way collaboration discovery meeting with two other KBC members, so that the two members can learn about their respective business value propositions for the purpose of entering into a potential business partnership.  The partnership participants agree to contribute a referral fee to the KBC development fund when the collaborative partnership produces joint revenue.

C4C Co-branded Go-to-Market Partner Program

KBC members who have completed The Change Agent 101-102 courses may use the co-branded Make Ethics Your Competitive Advantage infographic, to promote their business in collaboration with the Kotel Business Community.  To learn more, click here to make an appointment with the Executive Director of the KBC Advisory Council.

The Change Agent

The purpose of this advanced business consulting program is to learn and master the ethics, language and principles that describe and explain the origin of, and the Kotel methodology for solving, chronic business problems that resist conventional methods and interventions.  TCA 100, 200 and 300 level courses are open to all KBC members.  TCA 400 and 500 level courses are open to KBC members who are candidates for Kotel Change Agent certification.

TCA 101: the nature of chronic human problems
June cohort: Monday, June 28th; 12:30-1:30p ET
July cohort: Thursday, July 29th; 12:30-1:30p ET
August cohort: Friday, August 27th; 1:00-2:00p ET
Sept cohort: Wednesday, September 29th; 12:30-1:30p ET
Nov cohort: Wednesday, November 17th; 12:30-1:30p ET
Dec cohort: Tuesday, December 14th; 12:30-1:30p EDT

Participants will learn the abstract principles that describe and explain the paradoxical nature of the human condition in general, and how this knowledge is applied for diagnosing and solving chronic business problems.

TCA 102: the nature of human freedom

Participants will learn the abstract principles that describe and explain the paradoxical nature of the human condition as it pertains to human freedom, free will and ethics in particular, and how this knowledge is applied for diagnosing and solving chronic business problems.  For each cohort, TCA 102 begins the week after TCA 101 ends.

The Kotel Change Agent certification (under development)

TCA 301: sales as a service
TCA 302: leadership as a service
TCA 401: learning how to teach TCA 101-201
TCA 402: learning how to teach TCA 301-302
TCA 501: delivering a client engagement
TCA 502: delivering The Change Agent program